September 2023 → February 2024


We will provide a range of ways - both online and in-person - for you to tell us what is important to you and what is working with the current experience, identify where there may be a need for enhanced infrastructure, and learn about your desired future aspirations for your Town Centre.

February 01 → March 01 2024

Visioning Phase - Online Survey and Digital Asset Mapping

Share your thoughts for the future of downtown through our online survey, digital asset map, and ideas board. 

November 01 → December 15 2023

Visioning Phase - Student Asset Mapping

We invited grade 7-9 classrooms to share what they love about the current downtown and what they want to see in the future.

February 06 2024

Visioning Phase - Community Pop-up with CYAN

We dropped in to the Canmore Young Adult Network to share information about Connect Downtown. 

February 09 2024

Visioning Phase - The Warm Up

We teamed up with the Canmore Folk Music Festival to present the "The Warm Up," a micro winter music festival on the evening of Friday, Feb. 9. This free event features emerging artist performances in unique venues such as cafés and galleries. 

At the heart of the event is an Engagement Hub at the Civic Centre with fire pits, outdoor seating, lighting, live music, food trucks, and warm drinks – paired with an indoor engagement pop-up activity to capture public input about the current experience and future aspirations of the Town Centre.

February 10 2024

Visioning Phase - The Cool Down

Join us for a family-friendly day of cultural activities in the spirit of Winter Carnival. We will again have our doors open at the Civic Centre with our engagement pop-up.

February 21 2024

Visioning Phase - Online Public Workshop

An interactive workshop to learn more about the Connect Downtown project where you can co-create big ideas with other community members.

February 27 2024

Visioning Phase - Online Stakeholder Workshop

An interactive workshop for key stakeholders to learn more about the project and co-create big ideas for downtown with other community organizations.

February → September 2024


We will develop a series of options in support of the future vision (e.g., concepts for Main Street, land use, and the public realm) for community engagement and refine them into a preferred option.

We will ask for your preferences on potential public realm and transportation concepts to refine a draft plan.

September 2024 → March 2025

Draft Plan

We will provide our draft plan for public review to make sure we reflected public aspirations and concerns.

March 03 → May 01 2025

Final Plan

We will present the final plan to Council for three readings - including a public hearing.